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How it works

When you call your FreedomToCall number, you will be directly forwarded to the “Diverted Number” you entered during sign up or in your account page.

The procedure to set up a US local number as follow:

  • 1. Pick your flavourite US number ([FreedomToCall - variabl] Number) in registration step 1.

  • 2. Enter the destinated international number([Diverted Number - variable]) you would always call to in registration step 4.

  • 3. Just call to your selected [FreedomToCall - variabl] Number will be forwarded to [Diverted Number - variable] you set up.

*we can also use this service to dial any other number on the fly.

Easy Setting User Guide Topic

Activate Service

  • 1. You need to check the Phone PIN inside the sign up confirmation email from [FreedomToCall - variable].

  • 2. Enter the Phone PIN for your first calling to your [FreedomToCall - variable] number.

The activation process just call your [FreedomToCal - variable] Number that you chose during the signup process, which is included in your signup confirmation email. When you call your [FreedomToCal - variable] Number for the first time, the voice prompt will ask you for your Phone Personal Identification Number (PIN). Please enter your Phone PIN and press the '#' key on your phone. Once the Phone PIN is accepted, your activation process is complete, and you may start enjoying your service.

Your [FreedomToCal - variable] Number and your Phone PIN can both be found in your signup confirmation email. If you are having problems receiving your signup confirmation email due to email spam/junk filter issues, please refer to the section 'Logging In to Your User Account for the First Time' on how to resolve this issue.

What is [FreedomToCall - variable] Number?

[FreedomToCall - variable] Number is a US local number you selected during registration process. Once a [FreedomToCall - variable] Number is selected, it will be the access number for you to use the [FreedomToCall - variable] service.

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[FreedomToCall - variable] - How it works