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Pricing Overview

Our service allows you to make international and long-distance calls from any phone, anywhere. It is offered through a selection of prepaid plans, all of which offer you all of the following advantages:

  • Same low per-minute calling rates

  • No connection fee

  • No setup or installation fee

  • No monthly fee

  • Absolutely no hidden charges!

  • Complete online account management (phone book, call history, and making payment)

Sample Per-Minute Calling Rates

Destination Per-Min. Rate Line Type
China $0.025 Land & Mobile
Hong Kong $0.025 Land & Mobile
Taiwan $0.024 Land
Japan $0.037 Land
S. Korea (Seoul) $0.030 Land
India (New Delhi) $0.084 Land
Malaysia $0.030 Land
Indonesia (Jakarta) $0.096 Land
Singapore $0.018 Land & Mobile
Philippines $0.170 Mobile
Vietnam $0.099 Land
Destination Per-Min. Rate Line Type
United Kingdom $0.026 Land
France $0.022 Land
Italy $0.020 Land
Germany $0.016 Land
Spain $0.026 Land
Russia (Moscow) $0.060 Land
Australia (Sydney) $0.025 Land
New Zealand $0.030 Land
United States $0.02 Land & Mobile
Canada $0.010 Land
Mexico $0.120 Land

If you want to view the complete list of per-minute call rates and you have to view it inside your account. Log in to your account and then go to "Rate Table" tab. If you are not [FreedomToCall - variable] user, why not start to use our service, we beat you would a competitive lower cost for you to call internationally, so Sign Up Now.

Toll-free/International Access Numbers

Use our Toll-Free or International Access Numbers to make long distance and international calls with Packetel Voice Service when you travel outside of your local area. Simply enter your Personal Access Number and your Personal Identification Number (PIN) when prompted:

US Toll-free Access Numbers
Country City International Access Numbers
Australia Sydney +61.29.1917477
Canada BC Vancouver +1.604.6370895
China Tianjin +86.22.58858968
Mexico Mexico City +52.55.13282795
United Kingdom London +44.20.34117182

* Toll-Free/International access will cost an additional USD$0.01 per minute for each call

How Our Billing System Works

Prepaid Credit

We will make a one-time charge to your credit card. Since we have absolutely no setup, monthly, or any hidden charges, the full amount that you pay is available for you to make calls, down to the very cent. Calls are charged based on the per-minute rate of your call destinations, and they are deducted from your credit balance.
When your credit balance is used up, you will need to log in to your user account and make another one-time payment (please refer to the Paying for Your Account section below).

Paying for Your Account

When your credit balance is used up, you will need to log in to your user account and make another one-time payment using your credit card. You can choose from any of the prepaid plans listed above. We currently do not offer automatic payment, and we will not charge your credit card automatically when your credit balance runs out. In order to continue your service with us, you must log in to your account and make a new payment.

When you try to make a call and your credit balance does not have sufficient credit (calculated based on the per-minute rate of your call destination), we will notify you through a voice prompt reminder when you call your [FreedomToCall - variable] number . You should then login to your user account and make a new payment in order to continue your service.

For more information on when and how to pay for your account, please refer to the Account Administration Guide.

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